Joshua Leung is a music producer / songwriter from Los Angeles.  Born in Los Angeles and lived in the US, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan, Joshua is quadrilingual in English, Cantonese, Japanese, and Mandarin.  His music is a reflection of his multi-cultural sensibility, diverse sonic interest, and emotional storytelling.  Graduated with a Master of Music degree from California State University, Los Angeles, Joshua started as an intern and worked his way up in studios in LA, through which he worked on Syfy Channel feature films, Sony Playstation titles, and TV Commercials (Toyota, Babies R Us, etc.)

Building on his experience in scoring, Joshua now collaborates with writers and producers all over the world in sculpting new sonic identities for artists in Asia.  He has written and produced for top selling J-pop and C-pop artists including Gospellers (Sweetest Angel), NINE PERCENT (Can’t Leave), Stefanie Sun (See No More, RADIO), A-Mei (March, Do You Still Want to Love Me), Jolin Tsai (We're All Different, Yet the Same), Show Luo (Who, My Queen), AMIT (Matriarchy, A Bloody Love Story, High Maintenance), Momo Wu (You're Always in My Heart), and Christine Fan (On the Road to Happiness).  Joshua was also the Music Director of Jolin Tsai's PLAY World Tour and Jeannie Hsieh's BOOM BOOM PAR World Tour.

梁思樺是一位來自洛杉磯的音樂製作人/作曲家。出生於洛杉磯並曾住美國,香港,日本,及台灣,他精通英語、粵語、日語、國語。而他的音樂反映了他對多元文化的敏銳,聲音的探索,及感情的描寫。畢業於洛杉磯加利福尼亞州立大學(音樂碩士)梁思樺在洛杉磯的錄音室從助理做起,一路上參與了歐洲電影,Sony Playstation 遊戲,及美國電視廣告的音樂製作(豐田汽車,寶寶反斗城等)。

累積了配樂的經驗,梁思樺現在和世界各地的作曲及製作人合作為亞洲的歌手塑造全新的音樂定位。合作過的藝人有聖堂教父 ゴスペラーズ (Sweetest Angel),NINE PERCENT (離不開),孫燕姿(在也不見,RADIO),張惠妹(三月,這樣你還要愛我嗎,星火燎原),蔡依林(不一樣又怎樣),羅志祥(誰,我的皇后),阿密特(母系社會,血腥愛情故事,難搞),吳莫愁(你一直在心中),范瑋琪(在幸福的路上)等。梁思樺也擔任蔡依林PLAY世界巡迴演唱會和謝金燕蹦蹦趴巡迴演唱會的音樂總監。